Psalm 3: Deliverance Comes from the Lord

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Lord, I am surrounded by enemies, those who want to destroy me, many that taunt me saying, “God will not deliver him.”

I will not succumb to their threats because you, O Lord, are my shield. You are the source of my honor. You will answer on my behalf.

I will be able to sleep and wake in the morning because you will sustain me. Even though tens of thousands would rejoice in my defeat, I will not fear.

Arise, Lord! Deliver me, my God! Put these people to shame. Destroy their pitiful plans!

From the Lord comes deliverance. May your blessing be on your people.


My mind is drawn in two different directions as I reflect on this psalm. On one hand, I see King David, leader of God’s people, being taunted and mocked by godless enemies. Tens of thousands are misled. Many would prefer to see him dead. Based on the heading for the psalm, David is remembering the tragedy of Absalom, his son. While this makes the words very personal, the text is offered as a general response to those who oppose the Lord. Anyone that stands up to lead can relate to the experience. One stands, others mock. In today’s society, this is the expected response. Deliverance comes only from the Lord.

On a completely different line of thought, I see the opposite end of the spectrum. Instead of a king, I see those who society despises: addicts, poor, impoverished, homeless, and incompetent. Scorned by many, these people are looked down upon and labeled as worthless, liabilities, tramps, and worse. Whether mental illness, addiction, or both torment the nameless humans, we must admit they are all created in the image of God. They were once young children splashing in puddles and singing senseless melodies full of bliss. Their current predicament defies their innocence and further exacerbates their ability to climb out of the desperate condition they find themselves. Deliverance comes only from the Lord.

Lord, bless your people.

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