Psalm 2: Kiss the Feet of the King

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Why do kings and nations rage against the Lord? Why do people plot in vain?

Will they mock the Lord? It is foolish to think anyone can break away from the Almighty. Where will they go?

The Lord laughs at vain attempts to remove those he has appointed. Even worse, he rebukes them in his anger.

Let us all proclaim: He said to me, “You are my son; today, I have become your father.”

The Lord’s promise is greater than we could ever imagine: the nations our inheritance, the ends of the earth our possession. Those who conspire will be dashed to pieces like discarded pottery.

Here’s a warning for those who think they are greater than The Lord Almighty: serve the Lord with fear, celebrate his rule, and kiss the feet of the king. If you choose anything less, you will be destroyed.

Blessed are all who take refuge in him.


While this psalm focuses on national entities opposing God’s divinely appointed, I can’t help but consider the significance of individual arrogance. So many times, we elevate ourselves by thinking we are greater than God. We mock his authority. We proclaim our individual freedom from his law.

One day we will all meet our maker face-to-face. We will bow before the Lord, the God of the universe. Some will face him with overwhelming joy! Others will faint in his presence.

Jesus came into the world for our benefit. The greatest of all became a baby. He was from a poor family. He did not demand we cower in his presence even though he knew everything on earth and heaven were his from the beginning of time.

Be careful how we treat others, especially those of little means. Arrogance will lead to destruction.

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