Psalm 1: Blessed or Not

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Blessed is the one who delights in the Lord. Not so the wicked!

Blessed are those who walk with the wise, those who stand with others that seek the Lord with all their heart, and seek others who love the Lord.

Consider the tree planted by a stream that grows strong for years. It bears fruit in its season; its leaves do not wither. Those who are like the tree prosper in all they do.

The wicked choose a different path. They sit with those who mock those who follow the Lord. They seek to build themselves up by tearing others down. Any prosperity they find is at the expense of others. The wicked will not survive judgment. They will not be seen with those whose heart is set on the Lord. The way of the wicked leads to destruction.

Though we may struggle to see how God is working, the Lord watches over the way of the righteous.


Jesus Christ demonstrated this psalm in every interaction he had on earth. He saw beyond outward appearances and looked directly into the soul of those who confronted him. Jesus stepped out of eternity and walked with those who are bound by time for our benefit.

Lord, help me to slow down long enough to ponder the tree planted by streams of water. Help me to see its faithfulness as a metaphor for life in Christ. Keep me from being distracted from worldly definitions of prosperity. Show me true prosperity is found only in Christ. Bear in me the fruit required for this season. Give me the patience to trust in your timing. Protect me from the wicked, the mockers, those who seek to destroy.

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