some kind of mission statement

Helping grow the body of Christ

I’m a creative wanderer, a nomad of sorts, required to move from place to place, while serving in the military as well as supporting a wife pursuing her career in the Air Force.

Lots of change, new faces, new venues, same Gospel, learned much, learning still.

We moved to Anderson SC in 2014, but didn’t decide to live in Anderson until 2017. That’s significant for a nomad. Most simply answer the question about where they’re from, but for me it wasn’t quite so easy.

I’m blessed to work from home where I support Healthy Growing Churches, Healthy Growing LeadersPassion for and my local church.

In 2018, look for, a site for free and premium assessment tools for individuals and churches. I’m really excited about this opportunity and praying it provides professional-grade tools for pastors and church leaders.

Pray for The 139 Collaborative, a new non-profit initiative designed to make room for creatives to collaborate. No funding, no support, only chasing dreams to be a part of a movement to build relationships and make disciples that make disciples that love God, love our neighbors and learn, somehow, to love ourselves at the same time.


Luke: Who’s Wife Dilemma and the Sadducees

Read Enter the Sadducees. Luke inserts the memory of a conversation that includes the Sadducees, along with others. They don’t believe in the resurrection, life after death, spiritual battles, or anything not explicitly written in the first five books of the Old Testament. Their impact on Jewish culture was significant during the time of Jesus’ earthly …