Psalm 7: A Song Pleading for Deliverance

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David sings a song to the Lord to proclaim his innocence and plead for deliverance.

Save and deliver me, O Lord, for those who pursue me are planning to rip me to pieces!

I am innocent!

Search me. If I am guilty or have offended my allies or acted unjustly, then let my enemy destroy my pitiful life! Crush me into dust!

Get angry, Lord, and rise up against my enemies. Judge them now. You know my mind and heart, Lord. Vindicate me. Put an end to the violence and let peace reign.

I don’t need to do anything, for my God is my shield. He saves those who are righteous. He will not look away.

Beware, you who are pregnant with evil; those who conceive trouble and give birth to lies. Go ahead and dig a trap for yourselves! Your violence will come down on you!

As for me, I will sing to the Lord Most High. I will give thanks to the Lord because of his righteousness.


Music is a wonderful form of art that often defies explanation. The right song in the right place can change hearts from angry and contrite to peaceful and content. How can this be? Somehow, words mingled with rhythm, melodies, and harmonies speak to our souls. Songs have a way of soothing when mere words are not enough. Oddly enough, one song may speak to me while having no impact on you and vice versa.

This psalm is one of those songs in David’s life that he played when things seemed to be going the wrong way. Unlike the modern lyric of songs today, David does not take revenge. Instead, he teaches us to lean on God. He is our shield. He will avenge.

Jesus said to take his yoke upon us. May we lean on Jesus and find rest for our souls.

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