Repent or Perish — It’s That Simple

Sometimes the Bible seems to avoid being direct, other times it’s quite clear. Here’s a mix: Pilate mixed blood with sacrifices. In other words, he had Galileans slaughtered along with their sacrifices. What was that about? Jesus doesn’t miss a beat, “unless you repent, you too will perish.” Not that he isn’t saddened by Pilate’s actions, but his focus is on the coming weeks when he will enter Jerusalem for the ultimate sacrifice.

The parable that follows is one of my favorites. The fig tree that produces no fruit gets one more year, another season, one more chance. The farmer appears to graciously allow for another chance, though the story is left open-ended.

Luke 13:1-9

Thoughts about serving others

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  1. The commentaries and other external sources provide more insight into the Galileans that were killed at Pilate’s command. This story coupled with the deaths at the falling of the Tower of Siloam seem to underscore the importance of being prepared, of repenting sooner than later since we really don’t know when our hour will come. Loss of life remains the number one reason for death (sarcasm intended).

    We’re midway through this section of Luke (see outline here). The next major section includes Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem for the last time during his ministry. While the parable suggests we might get one more chance, the weight of the days to come seem to be central to the teaching here and cause for action is evident.

    Lord, thanks for another season to focus our efforts and produce fruit. Please bless our plans and guide our steps.

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