Interpreting the Times

Unable to see the turbulent spiritual battles in front of them, Jesus tells us (“he said to the crowd”) to look at the evidence in front of us. The NIV Study Bible notes provide this insight:

Despite the insistence of the Pharisees, despite the Roman system and even despite the pressure of family, a person must accept God on his terms. The signs of the times called for immediate decision–before judgment came on the Jewish nation. NIV Study Bible, Zondervan, p.1732

Luke 12:54-59

Thoughts about serving others

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Let the Word evoke words. May your life encourage lives.

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  1. Hurricane Patricia slammed into Mexico today as one of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded. Within a 24-hour period, its winds increased by 100 miles per hour; from Category 1 to Category 5 literally overnight. The passage we’re reading today sounds like this kind of warning. Jesus tells the crowd that we need to interpret the times correctly or risk being handed over to the judge.

    This is a call to action. Everything we need to support this call is before us. We are in a much better position than our ancestors, yet it seems we’re distracted and misguided by societal pressures that move us in the wrong direction.

    Lord help us to see what is in front of us, how quickly storms can develop in our lives, but also how capable you are at dispersing the winds. Open up our eyes and lead us to your light, your love, your ways.

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