Apr 11 — Proverbs 4-7

Prov 4 — A Father’s Wise Instruction
Prov 5 — Warning Against Adultery
Prov 6 — Practical Warnings, More Warnings Against Adultery
Prov 7 — Warning Against the Adulteress

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One Reply to “Apr 11 — Proverbs 4-7”

  1. “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it” (4:23). Such great sage advice in this section (4:20-27). These are the kind of words that may be useful in building bridges to those who don’t know Christ…hard to refute pure wisdom and excellent teaching!

    The warnings about adultery (ch 5) are significant for this day and time, just as I’m sure they were a few thousand years ago. With the decline in moral standards being reinforced through music and the arts that are so readily available, the concept of an adultery as a bad thing is all but forgotten. We need to pray hard against these temptations, especially for our students and young adults. The idea that one would “drink water from your own cistern” (5:15) probably sounds like a foreign concept to many.

    Chapter 6 takes a break to remind us “a little sleep, a little slumber” and being a sluggard has grave consequences, then back to warnings about adultery again through chapter 7.

    How I pray this society could see how significant marriage was intended to be, how love between one man and one woman was designed. The idea of sleeping around, pleasing whatever whim floats through the air is such an old deceptive trick.

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