Apr 13 — Proverbs 12-15

Prov 12 — The Proverbs of Solomon: Discipline and Hard Work
Prov 13 — The Proverbs of Solomon: Walking with the Wise
Prov 14 — The Proverbs of Solomon: Truth and Wisdom
Prov 15 — The Proverbs of Solomon: The Tongue and the Heart

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  1. I can’t help it, but I’ve read the first verse in this reading keeps jumping out at me: “Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but whoever hates correction is stupid” (12:1). The word “stupid” is particularly poignant to me, one I would not use in conversation. Most of the translations agree and use the same phrase. I guess that sums it up in a phrase. Lord help me to be disciplined!

    There are many themes of wisdom and wise choices in this reading. Today I looked for the word “prudent” or “prudence” and found some encouraging thoughts:

    12:4 – praised according to prudence — warped mind is despised
    12:16 – prudent overlook an insult — fools show annoyance at once
    12:23 – prudent keep knowledge to themselves — fool’s heart blurts out folly
    13:16 – prudent act with knowledge — fools expose their folly
    14:8 – prudent give thought to their ways — folly of fools is deception
    14:15 – prudent give thought to their steps — the simple believe anything
    14:18 – prudent crowned with knowledge — simple inherit folly
    15:5 – prudent heed correction — fool spurns a parent’s discipline
    15:24 – prudent follows a path to life — keeps them from going down to the realm of the dead

    Lord help me to be prudent, to discern properly what your will in every situation, every interaction. Guide my steps and correct me when I tend to go off course. Praise be to the Lord for his great wisdom!

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