Oct 27 — NT-1-Review

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  1. Here we are in late October and most of the text of the Bible has been read, outlined, highlighted and ingested. Like a fabulous dinner that keeps serving course after course, God’s word has come alive like never before. Thank you Lord for your love and grace, for the simple complexity of salvation. Teach me, Lord, to share this with everyone for your glory and not mine.

    The most amazing thing has happened as a direct result of intensely and intentionally reading the Bible this year: Jesus has come alive in me in new ways as a multidimensional, very real deliverer for our world. Some of my notes make me stop and scratch my head, notes about “playing church” and “biblical scholarship.” I’m not sure where to turn next. Seminary is ultra-expensive, something that makes no sense to me. Why can’t someone offer intellectually stimulating and rigorous Bible training at a reasonable cost? Oh wait, it’s here in my Bible, on the internet, in the book stores, all cleverly disguised around something called work. It shouldn’t be so hard to recognize, so hard to grasp, but it is difficult in a world with many theologies. One day at a time, reading scripture and praying intently for the Spirit to reveal what God wants me to learn each day. One page, one verse, one word. Between this Bible reading plan and teaching Thirsty for God at Shoreline, I’ve been overwhelmed by Christ and moved both spiritually and physically (literally).

    What is my favorite book in this section? That’s an impossible question, but I appreciate the intent. Since there are two NT review sections, I’ll end the first by suggesting my favorite book is the collection of the synoptic gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Together, these tell the first-hand story of Jesus Christ, the one who actually walked on earth and completely changed the course of history.

    As a result of some amazing thoughts, my wonderful wife gave me this idea:

    What if we did everything as if Jesus was sitting right here beside us? Sitting with us in each and every conversation, every discussion, when we wake up and when we lie down.

    What if Jesus were here when we get upset and criticize another and when something goes our way.
    What if we did everything as if Jesus was sitting right here beside us?

    Would we still laugh? Would we still sing? Would we still cry? Would we still say the things the way we say them?

    What if we did everything as if Jesus was sitting right here beside us?

    The Gospel accounts provide that dramatical, very real idea. Jesus is here more than ever before because he came and walked among us, because he took the punishment, was tortured and died for our sins, then rose in the glorious resurrection. By sending the Holy Spirit, we all have Jesus sitting right here beside us, walking with us. This idea is a game-changer for me, how about you?

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