Feb 8 — Leviticus 8 – 10

Lev 8 — Consecration of Aaron and His Sons

Lev 9 — Aaron Brings an Offering to the Lord

Lev 10 — The Death of Aaron’s Sons Nadab and Abihu

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  1. Aaron’s oldest two sons were consumed by fire and died before the Lord (10:1-2). “…Aaron remained silent” (10:3b).
    When I read those words I felt Aaron’s pain. Consecrated before the people, no doubt his sons felt proud; dad probably smiled as his sons were honored. Days later they are taken from him and “Aaron remained silent.” Lord whatever I may do, may your name be glorified above all others, above all things. Remove any unholy pride, boasting or arrogance from me. You alone are to be praised.

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