May 12 — Amos 1-2

Amos 1 — Judgement on Israel’s Neighbors
Amos 2 — Judgement on Israel and Judah

Thoughts about serving others

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One Reply to “May 12 — Amos 1-2”

  1. Amos’ prophesy “roars from Jerusalem” (Amos 1:2) against Israel and Judah during the later half of the rule of Kings (around 2 Kings chapters 14 and 15). Note: Uzziah is Azariah’s “throne name” (note in the NIV Study Bible) in Chronicles, Azariah is the name referenced in 2 Kings). Uzziah’s downfall was his pride; Jeroboam II was bad from the start!

    Specifically points out Aram, Philistia, Phoenicia, Edom, Ammon, Moab and, of course, Judah and Israel. The details should have been a sign to Jeroboam and Uzziah (Azariah), they should have listened and repented, but apparently they did not listen. “The swift will not escape, the strong will not muster their strength, and the warrior will not save his life” (2:14). “Even the bravest warriors will flee naked on that day, declares the Lord” (2:16). No one will escape!

    Surely both Israel and Judah heard these words (from other prophets as well), yet the must have simply ignored them. I wonder if we hear from prophets today and do the same. Lord please open our ears to hear your words, keep us from stumbling along this path. Help us to listen and lead others to you, to stay focused on your desire for each day we have left on earth!

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