May 10 — 2 Kings 22-23

2 Kings 22:1-7 — Josiah Reigns in Judah and Restores the Temple
2 Kings 22:8-20 — Hilkiah Find the Book of the Law
2 Kings 23:1-30 — Josiah’s Reforms and the Restoration of the Passover
2 Kings 23:31-35 — Jehoahaz’s Reign and Captivity

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  1. Nearly the last king in Judah, Josiah did well and “followed completely the ways of his father David, not turning aside to the right or to the left” (2 Kings 22:2). When he discovers the book of the Law, he asks a prophet for insight. Huldah lets him know the Lord will “bring disaster on this place and its people” (22:16), but since Josiah’s “heart was responsive” (22:19), his “eyes will not see all the disaster” (22:20) that the Lord is going to bring. We are treated to a long list of idols, shrines, etc., that Josiah removed. These details provide a peak into how far God’s people had wandered from his word, his ways and his covenant.

    Josiah reestablished the Passover celebration and removed all the idolatrous worship throughout his kingdom, even after he heard the words of the prophet, knowing disaster would eventually come, so that many may turn back to the Lord, to know his peace and rely on the one true God. This is a similar battle for us today. We see what is happening all around us, we know the truth in Christ, yet we must remain resolute, we must be diligent to help as many people as possible come to know Jesus Christ. Lord, may your words seem as fresh to us today as they did to Josiah, may we celebrate your covenant like no others before (23:22).

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