Treasures in Heaven

Treasures in Heaven: Matthew 6:19-24

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  1. This scripture reminds me of lessons learned years ago, way back to my high school days, to a very different time. Our a capella choir, some 120 voices, sang some incredible songs including one that was based on this scripture. I failed to find the right reference, but searching reminded me of how God used this choir teacher at a public high school to reinforce his message to all those who sang and heard the songs. His truths were sang every day as we went to class. Great memories and an excellent reminder of hope as our children had the opportunity to hear God’s word during their school days. Makes me sad to know that our current schools would never tolerate anything like this these days, our public schools. Home schooling and private schools allow many to continue including Christ as part of their daily routine, but the overwhelming majority to not hear these words of hope,

    But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.

    For many, this idea of a place where there are no thieves, where things do not decay, this idea of heaven is just a fantasy, an unattainable dream. Jesus speaks to those who don’t know him as well as those who claim his name:

    For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

    As I reflect on these words we are planning payments for our daughters tuition bills for the fall. Our earthly treasure is dedicated to advancing their education, something I think we need to do as parents. It’s a humbling chore, our commitment to the girls. Our heart is certainly there, but this is temporary, we won’t always be paying tuition (praise the Lord!). Our heart is not with the universities, it’s with our children. Wearing a t-shirt from their school is a reminder of them, not some prestige of school iconism.

    The next verses include a reminder that includes the idea that the eyes are the portals to the soul, “the eye is the lamp of the body.” What struck me this morning is a phrase that I haven’t really noticed before,

    If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!

    These are sad words indeed, words that we know reflect truth in the hearts of many. A few days ago a young man sat in on a Bible study in Charleston, South Carolina, only to draw a gun and kill nine devoted followers of Christ. This horrible tragedy underscore the sadness of a world that has embraced darkness, certainly this one man embodies the concept of a darkness. We join with others in praying that God will use this event to show the world his light, the hope of the world.

    The reading today ends with the reminder that we “cannot serve both God and money.” Jesus talks about money in several contexts, undeniably point out that there are those who love money more than anything else. This is hard for me to get my mind around, but something I need to be slow to reject as if I were impervious to. Before I paint myself as someone above another, I need to carefully examine those things around me and ensure I have not slipped into a relationship with money that is unhealthy. Lord, help me to use the treasure you’ve provided to do your good will!

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