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The Mission of Rick Hodes, by Marilyn Berger

Last week I ventured into Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where my mind was confronted with the incredible reality of modern day atrocities that we overlook in the daily news. The lens through which I traveled was that of a book by Marilyn Berger as she documented the incredible medical doctor Rick Hodes. A devout man of Jewish heritage, Rick Hodes saw everyone as a soul, equally important and richly deserving of the best medical treatment possible.

Some call him Father Teresa

Berger includes story after story of great success, all things worthy of writing a book about for sure, but I was taken back by the conditions in which Dr Hodes worked and his amazing patience and compassion for those who crossed his path.

There are many things about this book that should be mentioned, but one in particular was Rick’s approach to soliciting help from the medical community from the very beginning. When he needed an x-ray read (or other lab work), he would include a photo of the child, the face, not just the deformed spine or other body part. He wanted those who made a medical determination to understand that he was caring for a person, someone that mattered, as soul.  Like Mother Teresa, Rick cares about each person. All of this is in present-tense because his mission is not done, he continues to work in Ethiopia or wherever he is called to serve. Link to website

My eyes are starting to open more and more as I read books that depict individuals doing great things with no regard for self-adulation. As we each seek to hear God’s calling in our life, I pray that these lessons will help us expedite the journey to his arms, his will for our short visit on earth.

Thoughts about serving others

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Let the Word evoke words. May your life encourage lives.

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