The Rejection of the Messianic Shepherd-King

Zechariah 11:1–3 – The Prologue
Zechariah 11:4–14 – The Rejection Of The Good Shepherd
Zechariah 11:15–17 – The Rise And Fall Of The Worthless Shepherd

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  1. This chapter’s poetic language takes a few readings to consider what is being taught. The rulers of the day will be destroyed and Zechariah is charged to look after those who are targeted, “This is what the Lord my God says: ‘Shepherd the flock marked for slaughter'” (Zechariah 11:4). These Jews are bought as slaves by the Romans, and the Lord will not pity them for their arrogant behavior.

    Matthew Henry’s Commentary provides some helpful insight:

    the chosen remnant among them are effectually called in and united to Christ, the body of the nation, persisting in unbelief, shall be utterly abandoned and given up to ruin, for rejecting Christ; and it is this that is foretold here in this chapter—the Jews rejecting Christ, which was their measure-filling sin, and the wrath which for that sin came upon them to the uttermost.

    Zechariah foretells of the rejection of Christ as Messiah, of the destruction that will follow for those who forsake him. If this were the only chapter, we would be left with a grim view of the future, no hope is offered here. The dark contrast of this chapter leads one to look further for some relief…thankfully it will be found and hope will be preached. Zechariah should have gained the attention of his listeners or readers by this prophecy. I look forward to reading the next chapters to see some positive light!


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