The Priests

Exodus 27-29

Many details are provided for consecrating Aaron and his sons, priests of the Lord. One thing I see when reading these details is that Moses honored the people who created all of the supporting elements of the tabernacle. By examining each detail, in essence he says, we are able to worship the Lord because you created the “skillfully woven waistband,” your contribution matters.

The people needed order and discipline, God provided both through Moses, Aaron and the leaders. They are far from done at this point, but no one can say they didn’t understand what they were supposed to do: it was clearly spelled out for them.

Many people want to revert to this kind of religion: just tell me exactly what to do! If I have any inkling of understanding here, this is a careful examination of a very young, very immature Israel, God’s chosen people. We can see their growth by watching the changes through the Old Testament. The more I understand the ancient, the more I have a chance at appreciating the Gospels. The time before and after Jesus ministry is so radically different, but only when I learn about the before picture.

Lord help me to appreciate the words of old, those who dedicated themselves to you, your tabernacle, your worship. It’s difficult to see how to preach from these chapters, but I know you gave it to us for a reason. Show me Lord. I’m wide open.

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