Second prediction of Jesus’ death and resurrection

In the midst of excitement, Jesus explains his death and resurrection, but the disciples “did not understand what he meant and were afraid to ask him about it.” It’s easy to relate to their confusion here. Read, pray, grow.
Matthew 17:22-23, Mark 9:30-32, Luke 9:43b-45

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  1. Jesus’ earthly ministry is in full stride at this time, his fame is spreading and many know of his amazing works. I imagine that among the “ordinary” people, Jesus and his disciples are welcomed and honored as they enter towns and villages, but this is not why Jesus came. He came for the propitiation of our sins. He came to die for us all.

    This rather somber realization is retold for the second time here, but the disciples, like most of us, don’t really understand. It’s obvious to them that Jesus is the Son of God…they just heard that from God, that he is the Messiah as Peter proclaimed. Perhaps they’re afraid to ask Jesus about the details because they were just rebuked for having enough faith to drive out the spirit from the boy. Or maybe they are starting to get the idea that Jesus really is God’s son, the long awaited Messiah. They are on the cusp of a new wave and the things that Jesus is talking about simply doesn’t make sense.

    The future is impossible for us to see, especially when God has a huge plan in mind. Yesterday Brett Andrews gave a charge to Church Planters that are part of Passion for Planting’s Residency program. He referred to Deuteronomy 9 where the Lord was about to do something amazing for the Israelites. They couldn’t possible understand that their present actions would be recorded as an enduring history for God’s people. Neither can we. Whether our actions help one person or a thousand, only time will tell–time and God’s will.

    None of this is easy to comprehend, but we know one thing: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. Know God more through his Holy Bible, through the histories of his people. Hear his voice and diligently work at whatever task that is before us. Trust that God will do His part!

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