Sea of Words

Before me lies a sea of words
which ones to choose, said I,
the words of a sweet lullaby
or words that would make you cry?
In these days, we’re tempted, true,
to turn away our gaze on you,
but let me be the one who stays,
who remembers the countless ways
you’ve saved us in trials before
and will always, forevermore.
May words I say, my thoughts and needs,
be overshadowed by some good deeds
that go unnoticed by many, except
the ones whose need was kindly met.
There is no law, no global decree
that prevents us from loving God so free
with all our heart, and strength within,
with Faith and Hope, let us begin
to love our neighbors as we’re told
and to our Savior bravely hold
as the world around us spins away
may we be wise in what we say.
So, as our thoughts become words we speak,
may we be kind, may we be meek,
and show the world what Christians do
when love includes our neighbors too.

I tried to write the thoughts I keep thinking as I go from meeting to meeting in an effort to serve our community. My most consistent thought is to say words that are useful, helpful, and kind. There are so many people talking nonstop about Covid-19 that my heart aches. May we be known as a people whose words are kind and overshadowed by things we do to serve others.

This is the day to learn how to love your neighbor. Begin by learning their names and praying for them. Ask them if they have a need. For the first time in your life, you’ve been given the mantle of ministry. You can’t invite them to a gathering, but you can show the kindness of Christ by showing them how to love God and love your neighbor.

Print the graphic above from the Art of Neighboring* and write the names of those 8 neighbors closest to you. Pray for them. Pray for wisdom. Show them the love of Christ.

One last note before I go. Here’s something that kept ringing in my ears yesterday:

I know you’re way ahead of me, but today I had the occasion to suggest that pastors take a look at those in their congregations that are first responders or medical staff and reach out to them to see if they need childcare, a meal, or simply a break. The burden of the current crisis is on their shoulders. The rest of use are merely inconvenienced. Wouldn’t it be amazing if every church reached out to these incredible people?


Your brother in Christ, Dave.



Thoughts about serving others

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Let the Word evoke words. May your life encourage lives.

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