Ragamuffin Gospel: 19 Mercies: A Spiritual Retreat

Time to Reflect

In this chapter, Brennan Manning provides an opportunity for a guided retreat through 19 mercies, opportunities to hear from our loving Father. Perhaps this is a chance to slow down a moment, to pray, to ready, to listen.

I’ll list them here. Perhaps we should all consider taking one a day for the next few weeks.


  1. Be here, now.
  2. Don’t wait.
  3. Jesus wants to enter into deep friendship with you.
  4. Cry out for the Spirit.


  1. The Person of Jesus.
  2. The call from the cross.
  3. Through Jesus we know Abba.
  4. The God who is love.
  5. God loves you unconditionally.
  6. We cry, “Abba!”
  7. The prayer of simple regard.


  1. The freedom of serving.
  2. Healing through meal sharing.
  3. Washing feet.
  4. Freedom from your own contempt.
  5. Christ in the person next to you.


  1. Trust in your Father’s delight.
  2. Worry is an insult to your Father.
  3. The grace of reckless love.

Go in peace and find freedom in the God who loves you more than you can ever express…but express it anyway through song, poetry, work, creativity, loving and serving others.


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