Psalms 120-123: Songs of Ascents

Psalm 120 – Prayer Of Individual Deliverance From False Accusers
Psalm 121 – I Life My Eyes Up To The Mountains
Psalm 122 – A Hymn Of Joy Over Jerusalem
Psalm 123 – A Prayer Of God’s Humble People

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  1. Psalm 120. Call on the Lord and he will answer the faithful. It’s important to have psalms like this buried in your heart for there will be times of trouble in this world, some worse than others. I imagine this was written in a difficult time and sung in a minor key with major lifts.

    Psalm 121. Great Brian Doerksen song based on the beginning of this psalm,

    I lift up my eyes to the mounts–where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1-2

    Great psalm of assurance and comfort, the Lord watches over his people.

    Psalm 122. Perhaps it’s a novel idea to want to go a place of worship, but it is something I look forward to because I’m surrounded by those who willingly confess their love of the risen savior. They may not be so bold in the office, at work or school, but for a short time, they are free to show love for Christ. Jerusalem was no doubt a place to marvel at in its day. The cities weren’t filled with churches like today, some even right beside one another. It was a privilege to stand in the gates of the great city, something to look forward to with great anticipation.

    Psalm 123. This could have been the theme music for the workers with Nehemiah as they rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem while tormentors did their best to distract them. “We have endured no end of ridicule from the arrogant, of contempt from the proud” (Psalm 123:4). In a less dramatic sense, speaking with those who find Christianity a religion for the weak minded, unenlightened, I find myself asking for mercy. The closed minds of those who intentionally turn their backs on the Lord are hard to understand, yet this is what we need to be sensitive to hearing, at least to give them a chance. In the process, I appreciate my humanity. It simply makes me sad when I hear words that speak against the truth that I’ve come to know. So I look to the Lord for mercy and he is there indeed.

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