Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard

Entitlement. That’s the word that rings out in this parable. We’ve been taught in this country that we are entitled in many ways. I don’t think this was the intent of preceding generations when they proclaimed lofty goals for every American citizen. Over time, perhaps through the legal system, the individual wins out over the masses and the culture is changed to one where each person must have their way. This self-centered approach to life can only lead down a path that is far from Christ. The church has a lot to offer to help, but the task is difficult in this environment.

Jesus tells this parable where some are hired early in the morning, some a 9am, Noon, 3pm and as late as 5pm. When evening came, just an hour after the last workers were hired, the owner of the vineyard paid the workers in reverse order–and he paid them all the same. The ones who started early that morning grumbled. Surely they were entitled to more! However, the landowner reminds them they agreed to the wages at the beginning of the day and sent them on their way.

Lord help us to be thankful for whatever we have be given and help us to recognize you are the only one entitled and worthy of praise.

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