Parable of the Net

Eschatology, a major branch of study within Christian theology, studies the end of time as we know it on earth. In this parable, Jesus once again points to the time when good and evil will be separated.

Parable of the Net: Matthew 13:47-50

Thoughts about serving others

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  1. This is a sobering, rather short parable, that should have gotten the attention of those who heard the words:

    The angels will come and separate the wicked from the righteous

    Black and white. No in between here. Good or evil. Our culture rejects this assertion completely, but this is the reality of the end of our time on earth. This is probably not the best scripture to put on a t-shirt, even if it’s true. Yet for some, that’s exactly what they need to hear. There is a divine judge, there is one who sits above all and will decide after all who will enter heaven and who will be cast out.

    Like many things that are true, the manner in which this is taught is extremely important. Since we know we’re all sinners and deserve to be cast out except for the grace of God, we need to pay particular attention in how we relate this truth. If we have no relationship with the person we’re speaking with, it’s easy to come across with a holier-than-thou type of posture. The key is to listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit when we enter these conversations. And the only way to listen to the Holy Spirit is to, well, listen! This is not natural for most, especially those we think of as evangelists.

    Listen to God. Learn his voice above all the chatter by reading the Bible, studying it, knowing scripture. It’s not that hard, but it takes effort. Know that by the grace of Jesus Christ we will be counted as fish he will keep, yet that isn’t a license to do nothing. I wonder how someone can do nothing to advance the kingdom after receiving Christ.

    Everyone we meet has a divine appointment. If we can step back and see the reality of these short parable, I hope we would be more willing to reach out to the lost, the least and the lonely. Even more, I pray for discernment to see those who walk in nice clothes, drive new cars and live in amazing houses, yet are truly lost and lonely. Those driven by success by worldly standards need Christ as much as the poor on the streets. Christ sees through eternity into the souls of all.

    Lord help us to see the truth and reality of this simple parable, to use it as a catalyst to reach out to those in need. Show us clear steps we can take today, even the next step.  It’s such a daunting problem, my mind cannot grasp the whole problem and I can quickly become overwhelmed.

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