Our Eyes — The Light of the Body

In these few verses we find some deep meaning. Matthew and Luke record these key points of an important sermon that Jesus preached by recalling words that challenge us in many ways: “if your eyes are unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness.” This isn’t about physical blindness! Take a moment and consider the text and pray for healthy eyes.

Matthew 6:22-23, Luke 11:33-36

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Let the Word evoke words. May your life encourage lives.

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  1. The adage that the eyes are the portals to the soul is so true. We are visual people, especially in this society, and the internet feeds our desire for stimulation–good or bad. How can my body be full of darkness? Simple. Let my eyes wander where they shouldn’t and everything will be tainted.

    As one who loves to use props when teaching, I once taught a lesson using a large glass jar and some dirt. I let the dirt settle to the bottom of the jar before beginning the lesson. The main point was that Jesus alone is able to remove all of the filth from our lives, we can’t do it ourselves as the modern world teaches. We may look clean, but when something rocks our world (shake the jar), the filth that remains in us appears again. Only through continuously pouring the Word into our lives do we fully clean the jar. Whatever we pour in is clearly visible.

    What we read, what we watch, who we associate with, all have significant influence on our spiritual health.  The world knows this and the self-help industry is as vibrant as ever. If our eyes are healthy, if the lens through which we see the world is clean, our whole body is healthy. The sad reality is this: it only take a small amount of dirt to cloud our judgment.

    Jesus, please keep pouring into my life, keep filling me with your hope, your love, your joy. And please let me be a clear light to others that they may find you.

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