May 16 — Obadiah

Obadiah — The Humbling of Edom

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  1. The shortest book in the Old Testament, 21 verses, provides a focused prophesy of Edom’s demise, it’s destruction along with a quick reference to the deliverance that “Jacob will possess his inheritance” (Obadiah 1:17). The Edomites are distant relatives of the Israelites and thus their gloating (v12 and v13), descendants of Esau, living in the mountainous areas (v3). Obadiah points out their reprehensible actions and their pride and explains, “because of the violence against your brother Jacob, you will be covered with shame, you will be destroyed forever” (v10). Verse 18 ends with, “The Lord has spoken.” The finality of this statement underscores the seriousness of Obadiah’s vision.

    Obadiah reminds me to be careful that pride and gloating are words that are not associated with my behavior or actions. Being confident and having strong convictions are important to keeping the faith as we are tested and tempted on a daily basis, but that does not give me permission to well up with pride and gloating has no place in my words or actions. No doubt I’ve stumbled in both of these areas in the past and will likely trip again. Lord keep me humble, yet confident; quiet, yet bold. Help me to hear and do your will and give you all the honor and glory for each and every victory.

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