Dec 9 — NT-3-Review

Reread Your Favorite Book From This Section

Thoughts about serving others

This link includes a list of posts about Serving the Least, the Lost, and the Lonely.

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  1. Truly there is no “favorite” book from any section, though some thoughts are easier to identify with than others. The overwhelming reminder I get as I go through the Bible verse by verse is the need to go through the Bible verse by verse! It’s so important to understand the whole story. Shoreline’s “Big Picture of the Bible” class is excellent; The Story as well (review the sermons, re-read the book). Other resources as well, Craig Bartholomew’s “Drama of Scripture” is next on my reading list (having started if, but only just!). As I understand the Bible more, the more I’m convinced we all have a part to play in helping “as many people as possible” come to a full relationship with Jesus Christ. Our testimony has greater depth and our armor is fortified. We begin to see things more inline with God’s perspective.

    Lord I love your word and every day I’m amazed at the depth and beauty of your creation, how you loved us through history, how you love us today and how you intend to love us in the future. As we begin to read about your revelation to John, I’m excited about seeing the future more clearly than ever before.

    You amaze me God…I am amazed by you.

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