New Order for Purified Israel

Ezekiel 40:1–47 – The Temple Area Restored
Ezekiel 40:48–42:20 – The New Temple
Ezekiel 43:1–12 – God’s Glory Returns To The Temple
Ezekiel 43:13–27 – Restoration Of The Altar Of Burnt Offering
Ezekiel 44 – Restoration Of The Priesthood

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  1. Twenty-five years in exile and the hand of the Lord was on Ezekiel. He was given a vision of the Temple, of restoration, a place where the people could worship the Lord again. Lots of measurements and details, for the most part I don’t appreciate the architectural specifications, but I can understand that after 25 years of exile, this was a great vision of hope for those who maintained their faith in God while separated from the ability to worship freely. That day is coming for this country, if not already here in many places.

    Ezekiel’s vision includes, “The glory of the Lord entered the temple through the gate facing east” (Ezekiel 43:4) and profoundly, “This is where I will live among the Israelites forever” (43:8). The reason for the vision is clear: “that they may be ashamed of their sins…write these down before them so that they may be faithful to its design and follow all its regulations” (43:10,11). After being exiled for so long, the idea of disciplined and structured worship is like fantasizing about a wonderful dessert or vacation or whatever we can dream of that would fill our hearts with excitement, peace and comfort.

    Our forefathers wanted to be back in Jerusalem, in the Temple, worshipping the Lord once again. They wanted this more than words could describe and Ezekiel’s definition of the Temple brought them great comfort and whetted their appetite for serving the Lord–it gave them hope. Chapter 44 adds to this by presenting the restoration of the priesthood. Both the Temple and the Priests will be restored. Great words for people in exile. Lord help us to get excited about the hope you provide today. We’re surrounded by many who would take away the joy of Easter, the amazing news of Jesus Christ risen from the tomb after a dishonorable and tortuous public execution. Let us remember with excitement, with a resolute mind to spread the good news of the Gospel.

    The dimensions of the temple and restoration of the priesthood aren’t exciting for me to read, I don’t appreciate the significance beyond some intellectual insight, but I do long for a time when you are honored above all else, a time when we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. No more war or hunger or thirsting. No more trying to outdo the person sitting next to us. Pure joy. Peace. That is what I think about when reading this section of your Holy word Lord.

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