Luke: Transfiguration

Read: Luke 9:28-36

Three chosen disciples, the inner circle, were able to see the kingdom of God through the transfiguration, the single event when the glory of Jesus was seen for a moment. Matthew and Mark talk about the disciples being terrified and frightened, Luke took them into the cloud, frightened, and John’s gospel account seems to assume we understand this from his first few verses. This was another event that identified that Jesus was more than a prophet, teacher, or preacher.

Then there’s Moses and Elijah. These two appear and the disciples get a full sense of the weight of the event, but not necessarily the meaning. I’m with them in this regard, why did we need this event? Perhaps this is the bridge needed to assure Jews that Jesus is the extension of Moses and Elijah. In those days, these two were well known and highly regarded. In today’s culture, the negative news makes sure we temper any desire to honor people: we all have faults, some more than others. The underlying assertion is that no one is actually good. Turn up the background noise. Drown out the music.

The three disciples were forever changed by this momentary experience. My prayer is simple today: may we be changed as well.


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