Feb 18 — Joshua 4-6

Joshua 4 — Twelve Memorial Stones from the Jordan
Joshua 5:1-9 — First New Generation Circumcised
Joshua 5:10-15 — The First Passover in Canaan
Joshua 6 — The Fall of Jericho

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  1. The story of Joshua and the fall of Jericho brings many fond memories of childhood, singing the song, “Joshua fought the battle of Jericho…and the walls came tumbling down.” Surely this is all part of God’s plan to assure the people that He is with them. He dried up the Jordan River so they could cross over (Josh 3:15-16), provided food and stopped the manna (Josh 5:12) and delivered Jericho through a miraculous intervention (Josh 6:20). Surely these people will understand that God is God and now will follow his commands, yes? Seems logical, but we know the Old Testament would be much shorter if the answer was yes.

    What struck me today as I read through this passage, and in light of Rahab’s support earlier, was that the kings of the area were fully aware of what God was doing in support of the Israelites. So much so that “when all the Amorite kings…and all the Canaanite kings…heard how the Lord had dried up the Jordan before the Israelites…their hearts melted in fear” (Josh 5:1). These kings locked their gates in fear. This is a perfect storm of psychological operations (PsyOps), a military term that’s as old as war itself. The enemy was defeated before the battle began, but God’s way of winning the battle is hugely significant for the Israelites and those in the land watching the drama unfold.

    The kings who were not serving the Lord understood, but some of the Israelites still missed the point (more on that tomorrow). This poignant reminder that we can be in the midst of Christ and still not see his hand at work makes me stop and wonder: what Jericho walls are before us? Why aren’t the “kings” of this land trembling with fear? Why aren’t we in awe of you, praising you for your daily deliverance? God help me to look beyond the drama of the story and see the author all creation. Help me to hear your direction, your longing for people to come to know you, to join the banquet you’ve prepared for all who believe. Amen.

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