John the Baptist Beheaded

This sad narrative of John the Baptist as the first martyr in the legacy of Christ.
Matthew 14:1-12, Mark 6:14-29, Luke 9:6-9

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One Reply to “John the Baptist Beheaded”

  1. The subject of beheading is particularly poignant in these times. With the public execution of Christians in the Middle East making headlines, it’s difficult to read this passage. If anything, the present murders of innocent people make this scripture more real than it’s ever been.

    John the Baptist was imprisoned by Herod, under his rule and authority, because he had the audacity to point to Herod as an adulterer. From Herod’s perspective, he simply couldn’t allow such talk to continue, so John was arrested and put in prison. Herod liked to listen to John. This is a weird insight into the mind of one who had him killed on a whim. What did he like to hear? Perhaps he was beginning to repent, considering the words John had to offer. Maybe Herod was impressed by one with so much integrity that authorities didn’t threaten him; John didn’t change his story even after being chained up.

    Herod feared John and protected him, knowing him to be a righteous and holy man. When Herod heard John, he was greatly puzzled; yet he liked to listen to him.Mark 6:20

    Herod was part of a corrupt system. In order to remain in power, he entertained guests and had his wife’s daughter dance for the pleasure of the guests. This is the same wife, Herodias, John confronted him about. The daughter is no doubt from his brother’s marriage to his newly acquired wife. The dance is one of a sensual nature eliciting a reaction from Herod that Herodias hoped to achieve. John was the thorn in her side. She removed the obstacle by having him murdered in prison through her husband’s orders — a perfect murder.

    Many Christians in the world are putting their lives on the line for Christ, standing up and being tortured and killed for professing their faith. Most of us will never have to face the knife. All of us should be willing for the battle we fight is simply that serious. The comforts we have are temporary fixtures on earth. The more important is yet to come. Many don’t believe. So many are caught in their own worlds somehow believing they are the center of the universe. Lord help me to shed some light in the dark corners of the world.

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