Jun 12 — Jeremiah 1-4

Jer 1 — The Call of Jeremiah
Jer 2 — Israel Forsakes the Lord
Jer 3 — Faithless Israel Called to Repentance
Jer 4 — Disaster from the North

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  1. Jeremiah’s ministry occurred during the reign of the last five kings of Judah. For this reading plan, we will read through chapter 21, then part of chapter 31, and then the last chapter of Jeremiah, chapter 52, referred to as an appendix.
    Here’s a high-level overview of Jeremiah:
    – The first 24 chapters involve warning after warning.
    – Chapters 25-29 include prophesies about the exile to Babylon (starting with 70 years of captivity)
    – followed by the promise of restoration (ch 30-33).
    – Jeremiah is persecuted (36-38)
    – Jerusalem falls and nations are judged (39-51)
    – Chapter 52: Summarized version of the last king’s reign (Zedekiah)

    The words of Jeremiah from the Lord are extremely unhappy. God is not pleased, to say the least. “They have turned their backs to me and not their faces; yet when they are in trouble, they say, ‘Come and save us!’ Where then are the gods you made for yourselves?” (Jeremiah 2:27-28). Lord may I turn and face you even when I know I’m wrong, may I be willing to accept your discipline as a son receives it from his loving father. Do not let me turn from you. I pray for discipline for myself and for my friends.

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