Healing of blind Bartimaeus and his companion

Though many rebuked the blind men for shouting out to Jesus, they continued and even got louder. Interesting.

Bartimaeus and his companion heard the commotion, they knew something unusual was happening and so they asked for clarification and found out that “Jesus of Nazareth is passing by.” This might be the only opportunity they get to actually be healed. No doubt they’ve heard the news about Jesus and the miraculous healing of others so they shout out, they don’t hold back, there is no room for being shy at this point!

Jesus hears through the crowd, through the rebukes and asks them a question that forces them to prioritize their request: “What do you want me to do for you?” Bartimaeus doesn’t ask for fame, fortune, riches and gold, he simple says, “Lord, I want to see.” This is a statement of faith wrapped up in what seems to be a simple request, but it is huge for these two–Jesus gives them sight. They immediately began to follow Jesus while praising God.

What is it that we want? What can I ask for that Jesus should respond with such compassion? I hope it has nothing to do with stuff, with Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Deep inside, I hope that we all can find where we are blind and unashamedly shout out to Jesus: Heal Me!

Thoughts about serving others

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