God’s Royal Tent (part 1)

Exodus 25 – Offerings for the Tabernacle, The Ark, The Table and The Lampstand
Exodus 26 – The Tabernacle
Exodus 27 – The Altar of Burnt Offering, The Courtyard and Oil for the Lampstand
Exodus 38 – The Altar of Burnt Offering, the Basin for Washing, the Courtyard and the Materials Used

Thoughts about serving others

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  1. The first words of Exodus 25 jumped out to me this morning: “The Lord said to Moses.” Stop there and wait a minute. Moses isn’t talking to an ordinary man. The Lord himself is speaking to Moses. Why do we have these ancient texts with rules that no longer apply to our daily lives? Because The Lord spoke. Time for me to listen, to humble myself and pay attention. If I learn nothing else from the Scriptures this morning, that would be enough.

    The level of craftsmanship possessed by our ancestors, these ancient people, is astounding. It’s hard to remember these words were over 2500 years ago. They had the resourcefulness to smelt gold, collect and carve wood and create hug fabric tents. Even with today’s mechanization this would be a feat only few would know how to accomplish and only a rare bunch that could conceive of such creations without industrial-sized tools and machines. It’s really impressive. God gave these people a glorious task and rewards them for their devotion to the task by being there with them and for them.

    I pray for understanding of this text, the tedious details written for us to learn about our forefathers. Lord help me to see how this applies today, how your love for these people impacts us even now. We see the great efforts you went through to change these people from slaves to leaders, from pagans to worshippers. If you can do that with people we consider ancient, you will do that with us today.

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