God Promises Deliverance

Exodus 4-6

I love how this dialog begins, “What if they do not believe me or listen to me…??” This has been my theme song far too many times. Draw close to God. When He tells me to go, he will not do so without support. Have faith.

God uses what Moses has with him, in this case, he starts with a staff, then his hand. Moses quickly points out that he’s not a good speaker, so God gives him Aaron. One excuse after another is toppled down.

Moses to God: “Please send someone else.” Exodus 4:13

Moses and Aaron address Pharaoh, but the forced-labor only intensifies as a result. Pharaoh calls the Hebrews “Lazy, that’s what you are–lazy!” (Exodus 5:17). Moses and Aaron are ejected from Pharaoh’s presence and the Israelites begin their whining as the overseers force them to work.

Moses doubts his calling. He doesn’t doubt God or God’s ability to do anything, he doubts himself. So many times I’ve asked for confirmation about my own calling in this life. Even though I am nothing compared to Moses, I doubt that even this little thing I feel compelled to do is God’s calling in my life. How do I know? There’s no burning bush, no staff/snake, no audible voice.

There is this assurance: Christ is in me.

Simple words, but the depth and height of that phrase are indeed deeper and wider than anyone can imagine. “Further up and Further in,” explains C.S. Lewis. Kris Kilgore did a masterful job of laying out this idea on Sunday (Nov 6, 2106).

Moses was at a great disadvantage compared with those of us who have met Jesus Christ. For hundreds of years, he and the Israelites practiced their faith without seeing any evidence. Now God appears and calls Moses to take a stand. The people have questions and Pharaoh essentially calls him a sloth.

God’s example with Moses provides great depth to the story of Christ and shows his consistent, relentless pursuit of his people. Reading this narrative provides insight into the fullness of Christ and implores us to be strong in this country where we are on the verge of falling completely out of favor. The gap between Joseph and Moses was wide. The Journey from those loving and serving God as being acceptable to irrelevant is before us now. Our task is to hold firm to that which is freely given, to be the remnant in this dying world and take as many as possible to the great banquet that we know full well is before us.

My words don’t express my sense for the morning. May God be glorified anyway!

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