From Jerusalem to Perea

Just three short verses that assume you’ve been reading the narrative. There is a very special relationship between Jesus and John the Baptist; here Jesus visits the place where he preached about the coming Messiah and baptized many. In this place, many came to know Christ.

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  1. The more we read the Bible and study various people that are included, it seems we get to know those who wrote the stories, each with a different perspective, each highlight aspects that they felt were significant. At this point in the book of John we are learning about signs that bear witness of who Jesus is, that support John the Baptist’s prophecy that we should prepare the way for the Messiah. And here He is.

    Jesus returns to the spot where John the Baptist preached after escaping the Jews that wanted to stone him, though there’s no indication that this was difficult, Jesus just slipped through their grasp. He stays in this spot for some time and many people came to him. Perhaps they wanted to see the one they’d been hearing about. They had this opportunity.

    And in that place many believed in Jesus

    On one hand I wish we could go to that place and sit down next to Jesus, to hear his audible voice, to see his eyes, his hands articulate the key points of the sermons. We don’t get to do that because on the other hand, we don’t have to go anywhere–he is with us always!

    May we learn more and more each day: “all that John said about this man was true” and may that be so evident in our lives that more and more people come to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ!

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