Favorite Final Cut Pro X Keyboard Shortcuts

Here’s a list of keyboard shortcuts that I use all the time and find quite helpful in streamlining post production in Final Cut Pro X.

  • Spacebar – Start/Stop clip, video, music
  • Z – Zoom tool
    • Shift+Z – Zoom out to the entire project
    • Option+Click timeline to zoom out incrementally
  • A – Arrow/Select tool
  • B – Blade tool
  • P – Position tool
  • M – add a Marker
  • E – Append event to End of timeline
    • Q – connect event to timeline (add B-Roll)
    • W – insert event at playhead (warning!)
  • Comma/Period – nudge left or right (look at the keys), Titles & B-Roll
  • Control + V – Show Video animation
  • Control + D – Show/Change Duration
  • Function + Left Arrow – Jump to beginning of project
  • Function + Right Arrow – Jump to end of project
  • I – set IN point
  • O – set OUT point

Don’t forget about undo: Command+Z is your friend.


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