Feb 5 — Exodus 16 – 18

Ex 16 — Bread from Heaven
Ex 17 — The People Grumble about Water, Israel defeats Amalek
Ex 18 — Jethro’s Advice to Moses

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  1. Exodus 18, Moses’ father-in-law enters the narrative for a second time (Ex 4:18, Jethro says, “Go, and I wish you well.”) Moses greatly respected Jethro, “So Moses went out to meet his father-in-law and bowed down and kissed him.” (18:7). Moses, the man who converses with God still has room in his heart to show such respect to Jethro. Interesting. Jethro and Moses talk about God’s greatness, all the things He has done and it’s clear they give God all the glory. The next day Moses starts his routine as judge for the people, the task for which he understands he was called to perform (18:13-16). Jethro sees this and says, “What you are doing is not good…listen now to me and I will give you some advice, and may God be with you…” (18:17 and 18:19). Though Jethro hasn’t been with them through all of the difficulties, he has a sincere, God-centered heart, so Moses listens to his advice. As a result, Moses creates organized divisions to more effectively lead the vast number of people. I’m amazed how God uses Jethro in this place and at this time. A relative outsider comes in like a management consultant and restructures the unwieldy crowd of Israelites.

    What incredible discernment! How did Moses hear Jethro amid the chaos that must have been the norm at that time? This makes me laugh at the “difficulties” of any day I might have, but serves as a reminder that God works through people in many ways. God please help me to hear your voice through your people. Keep me humble and give me ears to discern your wisdom offered by those who seek you with all their heart. Help me to see Jethro’s that come into my path and may all the glory be given to you God. Amen.

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