Jul 2 — Daniel 9-10

Dan 9 — Daniel’s Prayer for His People
Dan 10 — Daniel’s Terrifying Vision of a Man

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  1. Daniel is a devoted follower of the Lord and a great student, he remembers Jeremiah’s words (Jeremiah 25:11) and starts his prayer with the understanding there will be 70 years of desolation for Jerusalem for their great sins (Daniel 9:2). Daniel’s humble prayer recognizes “we have sinned and done wrong. We have been wicked and have rebelled; we have turned away from your commands and laws. We have not listened…” (9:5-6). Daniel continues to list their sins and makes his petition on behalf of God’s people in exile, on behalf of “the city that bears your Name” (9:18). While Daniel was praying, Gabriel appears to him in a vision and speaks to Daniel. When Gabriel provides direction, there are two points that interested me in particular in verse 9:23: 1) “As soon as you began to pray” and 2) you (Daniel) are highly esteemed.

    1. God hears Daniel’s prayer as soon as he began. Our God wants to hear from us, he wants to know that we are looking to him for everything. As soon as we pray, God hears us, even in our sinful nature, he hears us.

    2. God calls Daniel “highly esteemed” (repeated in 10:11 and 10:18), one who is regarded among the people, and gives him an amazing glimpse into the relatively near future when Jesus will come, be put to death and “put an end to sacrifice” (9:26, 27). Because of Daniel’s consistent dedication to God, he is given a vision for the future that provides great hope in the midst of exile.

    Daniel hears from God and is encouraged even when he looks around and others have fled, when he alone stands with no strength left (10:7-8). He is given hope and assurance of great things to come. From this strength Daniel speaks to the rulers of Babylon when he interprets dreams and writings. When called to stand before earthly kings, Daniel knows fully that God is with him and therefore he speaks boldly. We have this same assurance through Christ who is most highly favored. We should be both humble and bold in our faith as we stand before the rulers of this age, knowing fully God is with us. Lord, there are many times when “I feel very weak” and say, “how can I, your servant, talk with you…” when “I can hardly breathe” (10:17). Though I’m not even close to being highly esteemed as Daniel was, I pray you give me strength.

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