Cursing of the fig tree for having leaves but no figs

The title of this post seems to indicate this is about a fig tree that Jesus cursed. I guess I’m a bit distracted today because that just seemed obvious and of little interest. Today, that didn’t speak to me. Tomorrow may be a completely different story. So, I have two observations to consider: 1) Jesus was hungry and 2) Pray with faith.

Both narratives make a point of noting that Jesus was hungry, his physical body needed nourishment. The humanness of Jesus in this passage is intriguing and mind-blowing at the same time. He felt compassion for those who were hungry because he experienced hunger himself.

We also read about “mountain moving” faith that is ours for the asking. Not like some wizard or magic trick, Jesus seems to calmly say,

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

This is the core scripture for the name it and claim it theologians. The Power of Positive Thinking has  been around for a long time, perhaps perpetuated by this verse. (Note: the NIV Study Bible does not provide a comment on this verse–interesting.)

But let’s not get distracted by those who would argue against the power of prayer. Jesus prayed often. If Jesus prayed, we should pray. He taught us how to pray. The key is obviously faith in what we ask for and faith is bolstered by hearing God through daily study of the Scriptures. As we hear his voice, we are continuously transformed, we become assimilated into his family. Our prayers then become less selfish, not about the genie in the bottle, rather we have a different perspective on life.

Lord hear our prayers today. Whether big or small, hear our prayers.

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