Cooking Jerusalem

Ezekiel 24:1–14 – Jerusalem Cooked Over The Fire
Ezekiel 24:15–27 – The Death Of Ezekiel’s Wife Symbolizes Jerusalem’s Fall

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  1. Jerusalem is depicted as a cooking pot (again, see Ezekiel 11) where the choices of meats is cooked, bones are charred, then emptied out. So Jerusalem will be emptied. The pot itself is placed on the fire in an effort to burn off the impurities “It has frustrated all efforts; its heavy deposit has not been removed, not even by fire” (Ezekiel 24:12). The Lord offered to cleanse the people, but they refused. Enough said, “The time has come for me to act” (24:14), without pity, the Lord disciplines his people, the exile begins.

    Ezekiel is foretold of his wife’s death, “the delight of your eyes” (24:16) and how he is to use this occasion as a symbol for the people. Rather than typical mourning, God provides some specific instructions that will obviously be different, that should get the attention of even the most distant people in Ezekiel’s path. Instead of mourning loudly with his head covered with ashes, Ezekiel is told to mourn privately, quietly. The people ask him why he is mourning this way and he again tells the people about their pride, their self-righteousness that is the downfall of the once great city. “You will not mourn or weep but will waste away because of your sins and groan among yourselves” (24:23).

    Ezekiel prophesies to all equally, some listen, most don’t, but in any case he is not deterred. The fact that some listened actually gives us hope. I suspect that these proud, self-indulged people were simply tired of listening to the likes of Jeremiah and Ezekiel. Perhaps this is why we teach about a personal relationship with Christ, about daily reading the Bible where we hear from God himself. I have found that being fully immersed in the Word of God, I see people differently. Each person embodies an eternal spirit. Each person. The thought is incomprehensible, but letting this thought fill my mind as I meet people changes everything. No longer rich or poor, for those things are fleeting (see Ecclesiastes :).

    Lord use me in any way you want to show the people your love and mercy. Whether bold statements like Ezekiel or gentle reminders as we meet people. In any case, use me until my brief days on earth are done. Remind me of your precious promise, your gift beyond measure, especially as we celebrate Easter. Overwhelmed, I’m overwhelmed by you.

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