Acts: Stop Standing Around

Read: Acts 1:9-11

As we begin to unpack Luke’s narrative we call the book of Acts, I’m struck by the words just after Jesus is taken to heaven.

why do you stand here looking into the sky? Acts 1:10

The angels intervened to kick the disciples in the rear and get them moving.

It seems fitting to stop and pause as we begin to read the history of the early church through the eyes of Luke, the faithful witness, and writer of huge and significant events in the life of Christianity.

If you’ve followed along through the blog as we unpacked Luke’s gospel one paragraph at a time, you might be tempted to sit in awe and wonder at the incredible things Jesus did during His time on earth.

The disciples just had some 40 days of lessons from Jesus Himself. Suddenly He’s taken away, whisked off to heaven, where He certainly belongs! It is an amazing sight to see. We too can get caught up in worship, in song, in life, to the point where we just stand and gaze at the stars.

The angels are cheering us on — stop standing around! Go and tell the world!!

Lord help us to act, to be who you want us to be, to do that which you have gifted us to do, and to go into every nook and cranny, seeking the lost and inviting them to the banquet You have prepared for all who will answer the call.

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