Mar 23 — 1 Kings 1-3

1 Kings 1:1-10 — David in His Old Age, Adonijah Sets Himself as King
1 Kings 1:11-53 — Nathan and Bathsheba Before David, Solomon Anointed
1 Kings 2:1-12 — David’s Final Instructions and Death
1 Kings 2:13-46 — Solomon’s Reign Established
1 Kings 3 — Solomon Prays for Wisdom, Case of the Two Women

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  1. Just to keep perspective, “Samuel and Kings relate the whole history of the monarchy, from its rise under the ministry of Samuel to its fall at the hands of the Babylonians” (NIV Study Bible, p.502, Intro to 1 Kings). We’ll read through most of Solomon’s account in 1 Kings before staff meeting…lots of ground to cover in just a few days.

    David’s fourth son, Adonijah, decides he should be king since David is getting old. He gained the support of Joab (commander of the army) and Abiathar (priest) (1 Kings 1:7). Adonijah fails to gain Nathan’s support and ignores Solomon…not good choices. At the request of Bathsheba and Nathan, David gives specific instructions to anoint Solomon as king over Israel, they “sounded the trumpet and all the people shouted, ‘Long live King Solomon!'” (1:39). When Adonijah hears the noise and is told about Solomon’s ascension to the throne (1:43-48), his guests disperse and he freaks out! Solomon gives him a chance and “Adonijah came and bowed down to King Solomon” (1:53), thus he was spared…for the moment.

    After Solomon’s throne is established, Adonijah has a “small request” (2:20). He tries to outsmart Solomon by using Bathsheba to deliver a request to allow him to marry Abishag (to help enforce his position as rightful heir to the throne). “King Solomon gave orders to Benaiah son of Jehoiada, and he struck down Adonijah and he died” (2:25).

    Solomon expelled Abiathar from priesthood (2:27) as his punishment.

    Joab: David reminded Solomon of Joab’s murders and appeals to him to “deal with him according to your wisdom” (2:6). Later, King Solomon ordered Benaiah to strike down Joab– finally Joab dies (2:34).

    Shimei (the one who cursed David): Solomon confines Shimei to Jerusalem and he complies…initially. Shimei lives there for three years, but goes to Gath (Goliath’s town…Philistine rule) and violates the order. Thus Benaiah (the executioner) “struck Shimei down and he died” (2:46).

    Chapter 3, Solomon’s reign really begins now. The Lord was pleased that Solomon asked for wisdom and discernment and granted all this in much more (3:7-15). Solomon shows his wisdom when dealing with two women fighting over a baby. He threatens to cut the baby in half, giving one-half to each and reveals the true mother. Israel is in awe of Solomon’s wisdom.

    Through all of this narrative, the sovereignty of God remains clear–his timing, not ours. Those who have misbehaved are avenged by the Lord, even Solomon will be disciplined later, those who choose wisely are rewarded.

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